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10 Snacks That Will Make Flying With Your Baby, Toddler or Kids So Much More Bearable

Traveling with kids snacks flight
Just some of the snacks we took along for our latest international trip with the kids

If you ask most seasoned parent travelers about their "hack" for having a decent international flight with their baby, toddler or child, most often "lots of snacks" is at the top of their survival list. It's surely on top of mine, too. (You can check out my blog post here about flying mistakes we made with a baby and toddler, and one of our early, rookie errors was not bringing enough snacks.)

Snacks are crucial for making the whole "flying with kids" experience so much easier. Even if you're a family that doesn't offer your kids a lot of snacks (which I get), having great snacks when flying with a baby, toddler or kids can be a fun travel day treat that makes the whole journey feel "special." Plus, it's a relatively cost-effective strategy, too (versus having to buy your kids a carry-on full of new toys).

Because the thing is, often you have a lot of hours to fill on a flight (unless you're lucky enough to have an overnight flight in each direction). And one of the easiest ways to keep them entertained? With new snacks!

And I know, your little ones can only eat so much on a flight (and of course you don’t want to make them feel sick), but my kids love trying out new snacks on planes. It gives them something to do, and you never know if the airline will even provide snacks... or what the actual in-flight food options may be. It's a gamble!

I actually have fun ordering snacks before a trip and picking out novel ones that will “surprise” them — whether that’s a bag of dehydrated fruit chips, a new flavor of puffs, fruit gummies or whatever! 

The goal is to buy stuff they haven’t tried before because then they'll get more excited and actually take longer to sit and eat it. But, if you think your kids would appreciate their tried-and-true favorites, stick to that! Do what works for your family.

I also try to keep the snacks healthy-ish, because I think the last thing we need on a flight are two little kids on a sugar high. So, here are 10 snack suggestions that have worked for us. And of course, skip over ones if your kids have allergies or aversions — every child is different! Also, make sure each snack is age-appropriate for your little ones; some snacks, for example, may only be intended for ages two and up.

(All product picks are my own, but as an FYI: As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.)

My kids love gummy snacks, and the "win" with these is that they're made with only fruit (and no added sugar), and also without any artificial ingredients. Plus, the bear-themed packaging and paw-print shape makes them feel "fun." They're also gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan, if you're looking for those factors, too.

The packaging alone is pretty psychedelic (as in the kinds of colors my kids love). Plus, these certified-organic, honey and chocolate chip-flavored graham crackers are just sweet enough to hold their attention (without being completely loaded with sugar).

We don't really buy puffs regularly, so my kids always associate puffs with "travel days," and get they super excited when I bust them out of my backpack. I love that these have a Sesame Street theme on the packaging (who is more fun than Elmo?), and are made with organic cheddar cheese, plus veggie ingredients like organic cauliflower and organic carrot powder.

Not only do these super-simple fruit and berry bars lack preservatives, but they also come in delicious flavors even adults might like (such as pear-apple). And I couldn't mention these without commenting on the silly snail on the front of the packaging, that instantly made my littles want to give these a try.

These puffs taste delish for both adults and kids alike (I personally love the white cheddar flavor). The biggest perk, though? Because they're chickpea-based, each bag contains 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber, meaning your child gets some solid nutrition as they're snacking.

Even though these lollipops give off "candy" vibes (so truly a special in-flight treat), they're sugar-free and designed to be more of a "teeth-friendly" option (as in, you won't have to worry about your kids getting cavities on your trip).

My kids love anything with chocolate, and these little granola bites sprinkled with chocolate chips don't disappoint. Plus they're made with good-for-you oats and are gluten-free if that's a concern for you and your kids.

Baby food pouches aren't typically an everyday food for my little ones, but they sure are handy as an on-the-go option. Cerebelly makes great organic pouches (I also love that theirs have brain-supporting nutrients). My daughter loves everything mango, so the sweet potato mango flavor is a hit for us.

My littles love "crispy sticks" — and they're even more of a fan when they come in delicious flavors, like these strawberry ones from Little Bellies. A baby can enjoy these as early as seven months old (but even toddlers and the preschool demo will likely think they're tasty).

To get some extra protein in (which might even help your littles sleep better on the flight), consider these turkey sticks. They're made without added hormones or antibiotics, and are geared toward kids (and their taste buds), and make for a potentially better alternative than your old school gas station "jerky."

So tell me, what’s your in-flight snack strategy? Or what snack can your kids not live without? Check out my Instagram reel below on this very topic at @bigworld_littletravelers (and all of these in the reel are German snacks because we live in Germany... but when we visit the U.S. we stock up on all the American snacks!).


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