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How to Pack for a Family Trip (Psst. It's OK If Your Suitcase Is Messy)

Real Talk: You don’t have to be a professional packer in order to travel well as a family.

Because here's the truth... I am not a pretty packer. My folding isn’t perfect and I don’t roll up every T-shirt or pair of pants. But hey, I get the job done. 

While I love seeing hacks for creative and savvy ways to pack for your little ones (and yourself), I often don’t have the time or patience to actually implement them. 

Instead, I focus on packing light and folding the best that I can (Marie Kondo I am not). And if you’re like me, take this as your excuse to not worry about it: If your clothes (and your kids’ clothes) aren’t packed super efficiently at the start of the trip, you’ll actually have more space at the end of your trip to fit in a souvenir (if, that is, you’re willing to pack more efficiently on the way home).

On our most recent trip my son wanted to pack his own suitcase (featured above). We had fun layering in all of his clothes, and while it didn’t look perfect, it was an activity we enjoyed doing together. And isn’t that what it’s all about? 

So, if you feel like there’s a lot of stress to make your suitcases look like a work of professional organizing art, then take this burden off your shoulders. You can have an amazing trip, no matter what your suitcase looks like.

Are you a perfect packer? Or are you more like me?



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