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Traveling to Florence, Italy with Kids

Florence is one of those cities I always dreamed about visiting. So many of my friends (and even my sister!) studied abroad there, and they all came back raving about the museums, cafes, architecture, views, and, of course, wine (yes, I was a teensy bit jealous). 

I knew traveling to Florence with a baby and a toddler would be a little different. We had to skip most of the fine dining experiences — a five-course dinner with a wiggly toddler and baby didn’t make sense. But we were still able to see a number of museums, soak up the city’s energy and beauty, and get in some of Italy’s best gelato.

Here’s what we enjoyed most during our four-night trip… in addition to the gelato (note: you could visit Florence in less time, but we didn’t want to feel rushed).

1. Wandering the Uffizi Gallery. We bought timed-entry tickets for the lunchtime hour when our daughter (two and a half at that time) took her daily nap, which allowed us to fully enjoy the art and experience. It was worth paying a little extra to have an exact time to go in (big lines with a toddler is no fun).  

2. Strolling the Boboli Gardens. We first took a lap through the Pitti Palace for more impressive art, then headed to the Boboli Gardens (we bought the combo ticket). Of course the gardens were beautiful, but it was also an enclosed, car-free space for our daughter to roam — plus the views of Florencewere incredible.

3. Climbing the stairs to get to the Piazzale Michelangelo lookout. Our daughter loved the challenge and we all enjoyed the view at the top.


4. Paying a visit to the Duomo and seeing the bronze doors at the Baptistery of St. John. These were must-dos for us, and we also went to the Accademia Gallery while both kids were napping to see Michalangelo’s David up close and personal (then stopped by the Bargello to see Donatello’s David when they were awake).

5. Taking a carousel ride at Piazza della Repubblica. It was a favorite activity for our daughter. The carousel has been around since 1871, and has alllll the charm.

As for where we stayed? We booked an apartment rental near the Medici Chapels, which had beautiful views from the balcony and was centrally located. That meant could duck back inside when we needed a break or wanted a casual bite to eat.

Is Florence on your "must-visit" list, too? Or have you already been? To see our trip in real life, check out my reel on Instagram below:


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