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Traveling to Paris with Kids: How To Make The Most of Your Time with Less Stress

Updated: May 9

Ladurée with Kids Paris with toddlers macarons
My son, checking out the macarons at Ladurée in Paris

If you're thinking about going to Paris with kids, then I vote to go for it! I get it, though. A trip to Paris with kids may feel daunting — there's just so much to see and experience in the City of Light, and admittedly you just can't travel as quickly with children or babies.

We could go to Paris dozens of times and still not get to do it all. There's just so much to see (not to mention so many cafes and boulangeries to visit). But the key is to be at peace with the fact that you'll have to come back again (and again... and is that ever really a "bad" thing, when it comes to Paris?).

On our recent five-night trip to Paris with our kids, we were able to fill our time with garden strolls, macaron tastings, carousel rides, and some of these other highlights:    

1. Climbing the Eiffel Tower. All four kids (we were there with my sister’s family, so two more kiddos) climbed the Eiffel Tower steps by themselves. It was impressive -- and a great way for everyone to get in some exercise. And whoa, was it memorable. Now, every time the kids see a picture of the Eiffel Tower or hear its name, they shout, “That’s what I climbed!” We also, admittedly, bought them Eiffel Tower souvenirs which they love.

Also, there's a great coffee shop and cafe for light bites after you climb to the first level. We stopped there to get some food for the kids (and coffee for us), and it was a great little break.

Eiffel Tower with Kids Traveling with kids to Paris Activities in Paris with kids
Even our 2-year-old liked climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower

2. Taking a Bateaux Mouche tour. Our kids just love to be out on the water, and this iconic boat cruise gave them an incredible perspective of Paris, while we also got a nice history lesson with our headsets. We went during sunset, and it was a beautiful time to take in the city. Plus, it's not too long of a cruise (if it was too long, our littles would have gotten restless).

Bateaux Mouche with kids Paris boat trip with children
Taking a Bateaux Mouche tour at sunset with our kids was the perfect way to end our Pairs trip

3. Wandering around the Rodin Museum sculpture garden. It was a perfect museum for us adults and our kids. With so much outdoor space (plus a garden cafe for treats), we could enjoy the art while our kids could burn off some steam (and do "The Thinker" pose). Check out my post on visiting museums with kids for more intel on how to make it an actually fun experience.

Rodin Museum with kids Paris with children museums with toddlers
The garden at the Rodin Museum is truly beautiful — and makes for a wonderful place to spend an afternoon

4. Going on a Disneyland day trip. Disney is not everyone’s cup of tea, but my sister and I grew up in LA, so it was fun for us to experience Paris’ take on Disney. Our kids, of course, had THE BEST time, and it was a bonus for them (after being such sight-seeing champs). 

Disneyland Pairs with kids Paris trip with toddler
Our kids loved Disneyland Paris so much, they asked us if we could live there

5. Visiting local playgrounds and beautiful carousels. We found some true gem playgrounds (I think we visited about four) on this trip... and one we even stayed for a couple of hours. The first was a playground in the Champ de Mars (the large green space right in front of the Eiffel Tower). There are lots of play structures (something for everyone!), and also a carousel with an "extra" fun element. Kids who sit on the horses on the outside ring get special jousting sticks, and every time they circle around, can attempt to "joust" and pick up rings on their sticks.

Our other favorite Paris playground was on the opposite side of the Eiffel Tower, across from the Seine in the Jardins du Trocadéro. Pro tip: When doing your own research on parks, look for "Jardin d'enfants," the French word for "playgrounds."

As for our favorite carousel? The one near the Seine, right under the Eiffel Tower is truly magical (and aptly named "Carousel of the Eiffel Tower").

Carousel of the Eiffel Tower Paris for Kids
The Carousel of the Eiffel Tower — perhaps one of the most scenic carousels in the world

Planning on a trip to Paris with your kids? What are you most excited to see/do? And let me know if you need any advice in the comment section below! ;-)

(Top photo taken at Ladurée Paris Champs Elysées: Be sure to go and treat your littles to some macaron goodness.)

And check out my reel below to get a full picture of what our trip looked like! Also, if you want to add Strasbourg to your itinerary, check out my Strasbourg with kids guide here.


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