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Should Your Kids Bring Their Own Luggage?

If your kids are under four, I would advise against it (instead, have them fill a backpack, or just skip their luggage altogether). That’s one fewer bag for you to keep track of or drag around (because let's be honest, they will eventually get tired and hand over that little suitcase to you).

But, our kids have been asking (repeatedly) for their own suitcases so we finally caved. They brought them on a recent trip from Munich to Strasbourg to Paris, and wow -- seeing the pride on both of their faces when they rolled their suitcases from our hotel to the train station was definitely worth the minor hassle of a slower walk.

If your kiddo does bring a suitcase or backpack, make sure it doesn’t contain anything that’s super important to them. We lost our daughter’s backpack at the airport in Dublin, and it was filled with her #1 stuffed animal and favorite book. 🤦🏻‍♀️

And, if you're flying with your kids (and they're over two years), then you are actually paying for them to bring luggage, so you might want to get your money's worth and have them pack a bag... as long as you're prepared to roll or carry it in a pinch.

One thing we’re not so sure about: Those “kid-friendly” suitcases that double as a little seat that parents can pull. They seem great to use at the airport, but beyond that, I’m not convinced (they tend to be clunky, which isn't ideal on sidewalks and other uneven surfaces).

Also, I'm seeing ads lately for toddler and baby seats that attach to the top of adult luggage. While they look handy in theory, they don't seem incredibly safe to me... and the last thing you want is your little one getting hurt right at the start of a big trip.

If your kids brought their own luggage on a trip and it worked out well...or not...let me know in the comments below!

(Photo taken in Strasbourg, France, where our two-year-old pulled his own suitcase, and was so incredibly proud of himself)


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