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Traveling to Hydra, Greece with Kids

Updated: May 6

Hydra with kids beaches in Hydra
A view of Hydra on our way to one of the island's beautiful beaches

Let me first start out by saying that if you're putting together a family trip to Greece, and plan to visit Athens, be sure to add Hydra, Greece to your itinerary, too.

A few years ago Tim and I went to Greece when I was pregnant with my daughter, but we traveled in February and stuck mainly to Athens (it wasn't Greek island weather!).

Still, that trip put the idea in our head that we needed to go back again (and again), and this time take part in the whole "Greek island experience." So, we landed on Corfu and Hydra as Greek island first timers (Corfu post coming soon!).

Now I can’t speak for the family-friendliness of EVERY Greek Island (we have so many more to visit ourselves), but Hydra has a wonderful mix of everything we love as a family. Here's why going to Hydra, Greece with kids is a great idea:

1. First, it’s easy to get to from Athens — just take a 1 hour and 50 minute ferry from Piraeus Port (via Alpha Lines or Blue Star Ferries), and you’ll arrive at this gorgeous, car-free island. The lack of cars means that your littles can wander around to their heart’s content, and you can relax a little bit more as a parent. Although… there will be donkey droppings to avoid!

2. The donkeys are adorable, and add a special element to the island. Donkeys live on Hydra and help carry bags and people arriving at the harbor to their hotels or apartments. Our daughter and son (three and one-year-old at the time) loved picking out their “favorite donkeys” and giving them a pet if they were able.

3. Another fun activity? Taking small ferry boats to beaches around the island. They’re a quick, scenic ride, and it’s fun to discover new beaches around Hydra. We would stay at the beaches during the day, then explore the island in the evening (when it was cooler).

Hydra beaches with kids
My husband and daughter soaking up the glorious Hydra sun

4. There are also a few interesting museums, for a splash of art and history on your trip (our personal favorite was the Lazaros Koundouriotis Mansion — and our kids loved climbing the steps to get up there).

Hydra doesn’t have much of a “party vibe” which is great for families. And you won’t find big, family-style all-inclusive resorts, so I would choose another island if you’re looking for that. We stayed at an apartment rental for our three nights there, and it was just what we needed. 

If you go with your family, I would recommend an apartment rental right in the heart of town/near the port — it makes everything so walkable and carefree. Bigger hotels are located more on the outskirts of the main town, and your littles might not appreciate the walk to get there.

One of our favorite memories was getting a cocktail in the evening down by the port while our kids played around the table, before we headed back to our apartment for some (delicious) take-out.

Have you visited Greece with your family (or pre-kids)? What’s your favorite island? 

Hydra at sunset Hydra with kids
A view of Hydra at sunset



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