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Traveling with Kids to Mallorca, Spain

Updated: May 6

Mallorca Beach, Cala Sant Vicenç, Mallorca with Kids
We loved this beach in Cala Sant Vicenç.

Did you know there are non-stop flights from NY/Newark to Mallorca (Palma International Airport)? Just saying — all the more reason to start plotting a Mallorca family trip!

We went to the island of Mallorca, Spain as a family (even my parents joined), and had the best time, no surprise there. Here are some things to know if you’re thinking about taking your kids to Mallorca (or are already in the planning process!):

1. Don’t skip over Palma. Palma is a gorgeous town filled with architectural gems, art galleries, not to mention delicious food. If you were thinking about flying into Palma and then heading directly to a resort, do reconsider. (We stayed at a hotel that had a pool, so we could balance sightseeing with kiddo pooltime.)

2. Take the historic train to Sóller. This was a family highlight for us! The ride on the wooden train (which began operating back in 1912!) makes for a fun experience and the mountainous views out the window are striking. Plus, the town of Sóller is a charmer! Be sure to take the tram down to the port, too, for a quick dip. We actually wished we would have spent a few nights here.

Mallorca with kids, Soller with kids, Port de Sóller
Taking the train down to Port de Sóller.

3. Stay by the beach. It’s what Mallorca is most known for, right? And it truly feels like a holiday when you’re vacationing by the ocean (but maybe that’s just me?). Still, even if you’re staying on the sand, be sure to explore some of the smaller towns, too (we loved Pollença).   

Mallorca family trip, Mallorca Beaches, Mallorca with Kids
There are so many family-friendly beaches in Mallorca.

4. Beware of party zones. You don’t want to stay in a place that’s party central, especially if you’re traveling with a baby, toddler or kids. Some famous “party spots” include Magaluf and S'Arenal — be sure to check a hotel’s reviews before booking to make sure past guests aren't saying it had a big party vibe.

Where did we stay?

We booked only hotels this trip — including Hotel Saratoga in Palma, Hotel Hoposa Niu in Cala Sant Vicenç, and VIVA Cala Mesquida. The hotel in Palma was a city hotel, but as I mentioned, we loved that it had a pool (well, actually "pools" plural) because it was pretty hot during our visit (and so it was a nice way to cool down after sightseeing).

The other two hotels were right on the beach, which made for some relaxed toes-in-the-sand kind of days. The Hotel Hoposa Niu was kid-friendly (it had a tiny pool our littles enjoyed, although older kids might find the pool too small), but was more geared toward adults. VIVA, on the other hand, was super kid-friendly (so much so that it could be a little overwhelming for some). Still, the beach (Cala Mesquida) was stunning, making it well-worth our stay there.

How did we get around?

We hired cabs to get from hotel to hotel (if you go this route and don't have car seats, ask your hotel to call a cab for you with car seats). To get to some of the smaller towns, we took public transportation (whether that was the charming train from Palma to Sóller, or a quick and easy bus from Cala Sant Vicenç to Pollença.

Have any questions about a vacation in Mallorca? I’d love to hear your questions/thoughts! 



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