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What’s the Best European Country to Visit with Your Baby or Toddler?

Updated: May 6

Mom walking with her daughter in Salzburg
We loved traveling to Salzburg with our daughter when she was just over one year old.

So what's really the best European country to take your baby or toddler? All of them! Now we haven’t gone to every European country with our littles… but we’re trying to!

You see a lot of lists out there titled the “Top European Destinations For Families with Babies or Toddlers,” but really, all EU countries are amazing and worth visiting with your baby or toddler. Why? 

1. Babies are super portable and easy to take along for the ride! As long as you make all the necessary stops for diaper changes and the like, chances are they’ll be happy campers. So why not sign up for that walking tour you wanted to do, or visit that castle you were hoping to check out? Also, toddlers can "hang out" in a carrier or a travel stroller, too. 

2. European countries are known for their amazing healthcare (I live in Germany and can vouch for it). So if, worst case scenario, anything were to happen, you’d be in great hands.


3. European countries are typically incredibly baby-friendly. We’ve never felt out of place traveling to countries like Italy, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Croatia, Spain, Finland, Malta, Slovenia and Ireland with our babies and toddlers… and often restaurants and experiences are set up to welcome families. Maybe that's with high chairs, or play spaces in the corner. Or, sometimes it's as simple as a smile — rather than a grimace — when you enter the coffee shop.   

Here are some of our favorite European countries we've visited when our littles were babies and toddlers, to give you some ideas (though we still have many more to check out... time to get travel planning!):

Austria: It's a hiker's paradise, so if you love mountains and the outdoors, you're in luck with Austria. And even if you don't feel comfortable hiking with your little one, you can always take a gondola up to the top of the mountain. Often there's a beautiful cafe with a gorgeous view (some even have playgrounds and sand boxes up there!). See my guide to Salzburg with kids here!

Croatia: We loved taking our daughter (a one-year-old at the time) to Croatia. We were happy parents, enjoying our time on the beaches (and soaking up those Dalmation Coast views) and our daughter loved throwing rocks in the water and simply playing outside on all the beautiful, sunny days. Also, she wasn't a fan of cars at the time, so this trip was perfect because we got around mostly by ferry!

Malta: We went to Malta in the winter to get a little sun, and it did not dissapoint! Our daughter was crawling at the time, and had so much fun discovering the quiet, car-free lanes (that were so pristine!) of the Il Birgu neighborhood. We would also tour the museums while she napped.

Italy: You really can't go wrong going anywhere in Italy with a baby (or as an adult). Whether it's cities or beaches, if you as an adult are happy (and isn't everyone in Italy?), chances your baby or toddler will be, too. Just try to avoid the heat of summer if you're doing a city trip with a baby (Rome can get quite hot in August!). Check out my guide to Florence with kids here and Cinque Terra with kids here.

Portugal: Probably one of the most baby-friendly countries in the world. We got ushered to the front of lines, and were almost always given priority (especially in Lisbon). If you have fears about how your baby will handle travel, go to Portugal — you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Spain: Another welcoming place for families. We loved taking our toddler and baby everywhere from Granada to Barcelona. Oh, and our toddler LOVED the churros con chocolate in Madrid. Plus, see my guide to Mallorca with kids here.

Greece: We went to the islands of Corfu and Hydra when our son was one and our daughter was three. To say we (and they) loved it was an understatement. Great beaches, amazing food, not to mention always feeling at home. See my guide to Hydra with kids here.

Germany: We live here, so I'm bias, but there's nothing more fun than a beer garden with a playground! Check out my guide to the German Alps with kids here.

Germany with kids Alps with Kids Zugspitze with kids
The German Alps are so close by train to Munich, and make you feel like you're a world away

As long as you get a sign-off from your pediatrician that it’s OK to travel with your little one, then choose a place or country you’re super excited to see. There's no one best European country to visit with your baby or toddler. Chances are, you can’t go wrong.

So tell me, what European country is on your travel-with-kids bucket list?


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